“Be an artist, right now!”

This TED talk was definitely an eye opener for me. I’ve always emersed myself in the world of art since I was a kid. Being that I grew up in a family full of science-driven people, I was really the odd one out. It always made me feel like I wasn’t as smart as them or I wouldn’t get a good enough job with my passion for art alone. The speaker, Young-Ha Kim, was a very well-spoken individual. I appreciate that he’s encouraging people who may feel intimidated by the idea of being an artist to at least try. I couldn’t agree more with that. You don’t have to be an amazing artist to start somewhere. You don’t necessarily need to have anything. Art can be created and made with just about anything you have on hand, and that’s the beauty of art. It’s a way of expressing your individuality. I like his reminder to the audience that art isn’t limited to just drawing or painting. Art is everywhere. It’s really great that people like Young-Ha Kim are influencing students and others to pursue art, even if you’ve never picked up a camera or a paintbrush. There’s always room to start somewhere.

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